June 6, 2018 The Advantages of Digital Health Solutions for Specialty Clinics

It may sound hyperbolic, but the fact is, digital health technologies are fundamentally reinventing the practice of health care and increasing clinic revenues. For specialty clinics particularly, digital interventions can mean the difference between an unhappy patient and stressed out staff and a successful clinical outcome with improved quality of life and a happier clinic environment for all. Read more

May 11, 2018 How Different Types of Workouts Produce Different Results

Everyone has different body types, so it makes sense that everyone wants to achieve something different in their workout routine. Whether it’s gaining flexibility, burning fat, toning your arms, or increasing core muscle strength, there are different ways to shape your body to the way you want and track these changes in an activity tracker app. Read more

March 23, 2018 Why Tight Glycemic Control is Necessary to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Wisdom dictates that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Gone are the days where unsuspecting individuals will fall prey to diseases and suddenly find themselves in a predicament. With the advent of technology, preventive measures are the bio-hack that gives you the power to stay healthy without having to worry about falling sick unannounced or blowing up that medical insurance. Tight glycemic control is one such preventive measure that is essential for maintaining a healthy weight and preventing disease. Read more

March 3, 2018 Why You Should Convert 6 Hours of Daily Sitting To Standing

What exactly does sitting do to your body? To start, it puts your body at rest and hence it reduces your overall physical activities. Simultaneously, it reduces the rate of metabolism that a healthy adult needs. A decrease in metabolism reduces the amount of calories that need to be burned. At rest, the body’s muscles do not require glucose in heavy percentages. This extra glucose starts to precipitate into the blood, increasing blood sugar levels.  Read more

February 10, 2018 A Vision of Good Nutrition for Weight Management and Cardiac Health

An astounding 66% of all Americans are medically obese or struggling with weight management. Even though around 45 million Americans subscribe to weight-crash diets and spend billions on chemical-laced weight loss healthcare technology each year, we’re not really making any significant improvements. Since February is American Heart Month, it’s a good time to discuss how proper nutrition can improve overall health, encourage weight management, and help to prevent heart disease. Read more

February 3, 2018 How Digital Healthcare Helps Doctors and Patients

It’s real. What was once just a figment of our imaginations is now happening throughout the healthcare industry—digital health care promoting healthcare insights. Driven by technology and pushed by the digital age, more and more health providers are resorting to the use of electronic tools and communications to enhance their jobs. Read more


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