$100per month, billed annually

$150per month, billed monthly

Supports 50 patients
Full Featured
Meal Logging
Health Tracking
Weight, BMI, Body Fat %, Lean Mass %, Vitals and Bloodwork
Full Featured Meal Logging
CoachCare Dashboard
Automated Provider Alerts
Patient File Vault
Self-directed Training
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Virtual Health

$350per month, billed annually

$425per month, billed monthly

Your Custom Brand Supports 100 patients
All Track Features +
Virtual Health Suite
Comprehensive Telehealth Features
Telehealth Video
Visits & Messaging
Digital Library
Dedicated Implementation Coordinator
Custom In-App
Meal Replacement Catalog
Patient Activation Marketing Support
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Remote Monitoring

$500per month, billed annually

$600per month, billed monthly

Your Custom Brand Additional fees apply for
Remote Monitoring Patients*
All Virtual Health
Features +
Remote Patient
Monitoring Suite

$180+ per patient per month reimbursement
Automated Reminders
Claims Documentation
Audit Log
Compliance Checklist
Automated Time Tracking
Expert Claims Support
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Health System

$2,500per month, billed annually

$3,000per month, billed monthly

Your Custom Brand Additional fees apply for
Remote Monitoring Patients*
All Remote
Monitoring Features +
Customized BAA and Master Subscription Agreement
Coverage as an
Additional Insured
Enhanced Reporting
Dedicated Account Manager
Integration Support
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ADD ON LICENSE (billed monthly)

$10050 additional patient licenses
$30Per RPM enabled patient per month
Contact us for Enterprise Pricing

* Includes 250 non-RPM enabled patients. Additional non-RPM patient licenses will be billed at the rate of $100 per 50 additional patient licenses

Your Custom Brand

Full white-label: Your app name, logo, layout, colors and other branding. Send patients to YOUR own app, not a third party.

Telehealth Video Visits & Messaging

Offer live virtual consults / telehealth services with video conferencing. Patients and coaches can also communicate anytime via secure text messages.

Digital Library

Upload, manage and share program-specific content and patient forms within the clinic dashboard. Your patients can submit all forms and view all content anytime from their mobile apps.

Custom In-App Meal-Replacement Catalog

Your patients can easily log meals using our comprehensive meal database and barcode scanner and you can integrate your own nutritional products.

Expert Claims Support

Live claims training and ongoing support from our in-house claims experts to ensure you maximize your reimbursements.

Coverage as an Additional Insured

Named under our cyber, E&O, general and umbrella insurance policy to protect your organization.

Enhanced Reporting

Custom reports created as need to support your population health, care management and other initiatives.

Integration Support

Receive our integration documentation and the support of our technical team to create your own integrations between your system and CoachCare.

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