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Ready to get started?

How long does it take to get my app set up?

It will take you approximately 1-2 hours to gather and provide us the information we need to generate your mobile app. We typically require 1 week from the date we receive all of the required information to complete and submit your app to the app stores.

What kind of information is needed for implementation?

We need your logo, brand color preferences and information about your practice and staff. Most of this information you will have readily available or, if you use an outside branding agency or website firm, they will have everything we need.

What support will I have during implementation?

Immediately upon registration, a dedicated Implementation Coordinator will be assigned to your practice. Our Implementation Coordinators are all US-based and experts in our technology, the operation of medical practices and remote patient monitoring. We don’t have a call center and we don’t have sales people - we have subject matter experts who are focused only on making our clients successful.

What about the bureaucracy at my health system or physician group? They take a long time to approve services like this.

We have all the necessary security and other information to fulfill the vendor vetting for your health system or physician group, as we have completed these processes many times. We can work directly with your IT or other teams to complete this process so it does not take your time. We do recommend having a senior champion who can help push this process through if there are ever bureaucratic delays.

Does this work if we use outsourced billers?

Yes, it works with both outsourced and in-house billers. Our remote patient monitoring billing experts will guide them.

Can I ramp up quickly if I have a big team?

Yes, as long as multiple staff members can train at once. We have trained more than 30 staff members at once. We can also schedule multiple live training sessions to accommodate different schedules.

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