A lot can happen between patient visits.

Remote patient monitoring bridges this gap with digital health wearables that continually track, collect, and analyze vital patient data. At a glance, providers get the whole story about each patient’s progress, integrated with our remote health monitoring platform. Your patients experience a simple and convenient tracking system powered by a virtual health app that integrates directly with your custom RPM dashboard.

Providers actively manage trends through data-informed approaches, from clinical care to lifestyle and wellness coaching. With closer insight into a patient’s health, improved patient outcomes and insurance reimbursement opportunities are at your fingertips.

RPM Device Suite

At CoachCare, our remote patient monitoring devices align with your practice and your patient’s needs. Manage real-time patient progress with remote health monitoring features such as:

BALANCE Smart Scale
BALANCE Smart Scale

Measuring weight, body mass index, body fat, lean mass, hydration, and visceral fat.

Pulse Oximeter (Coming Soon!)

Measure blood oxygen levels for CHF, sleep apnea and COVID-19 care.

BEAT Blood Pressure Cuff
BEAT Blood Pressure Cuff

Evaluates diastolic and systolic blood pressure, along with heart rate.

SCAN Smart Glucometer
SCAN Smart Glucometer

For smooth in-home blood sugar measurements.

Third-Party Device Support
Third-Party Device Support

To integrate remote care with a wide range of popular health and wellness devices.

These devices capture and organize the data needed to provide effective treatment and our virtual patient monitoring platform optimizes care delivery as well.

Benefits of RPM Devices

Health monitoring devices benefit your practice, its patients, and providers alike.

  • Spot emerging issues and intervene immediately.
  • Monitor disease progression.
  • Improve chronic condition management.
  • Increase retention and keep patients coming back.
  • Improve overall patient outcomes.
  • Increase efficiency

Digital health technology enhances caregivers’ efficiency in managing patient needs — increasing their capacity to effectively treat more patients.

Virtual Health Benefits

Get Started

Virtual health technology is all about better patient care, simplified. Better efficiency and smoother workflows are just a natural result.

We’ll help you meet your patients’ and providers’ expectations with a virtual health system customized to fit your needs, integrated seamlessly into your systems in as little as two weeks.

BALANCE Smart Scale
BALANCE Smart Scale

Provides real-time data to increase personalization while driving better engagement and retention.

  • Wireless, medical-grade scale that measures weight, body mass index, body fat, lean mass, hydration and visceral fat.
  • Provides significant additional revenue streams for your clinic.
  • Real-time data enables proactive intervention.
  • Devices are proven, cost-effective and scalable.
  • Max weight of 396 pounds / 180 kilograms.
  • Available for clinics and patient homes.
  • Sold by the case (4 scales per case) for $220.
  • Optional custom branding (2,000-unit minimum order required).
  • To order scales from the CoachCare store, click here.
BEAT blood pressure cuff

In-home BP & heart rate - transmitted to providers in real time.

  • FDA-approved device for capturing diastolic and systolic blood pressure as well as heart rate.
  • Directly and easily syncs with the app for fast and reliable data transmission.
  • Standard and large format cuff included to support all patients.
  • Compliant for Remote Patient Monitoring billing as a standalone device.
  • Excellent additional revenue opportunity for your practice.
  • Available to be purchased by the case or direct shipped to your patients.
SCAN Smart Glucometer
SCAN Smart Glucometer

In-home blood sugar measurements for patients managing diabetes.

  • FDA-approved device for capturing blood sugar readings.
  • Replaces patients existing at-home glucometer.
  • Directly and easily syncs with the app for fast and reliable data transmission.
  • Compliant for Remote Patient Monitoring billing as a standalone device.
  • Excellent additional revenue opportunity for your practice.
Third-Party Device Support
Third-Party Device Support

The CoachCare platform integrates with many third-party devices, including those that are listed below:

Google Fit: Smartwatches

  • Ticwatch Pro
  • Huawei Watch 2
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • LG Watch Sport
  • Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch
  • Fossil Q Explorist HR
  • Fossil Q Venture HR
  • Emporio Armani Connected Touchscreen Smartwatch
  • Marc Jacobs Riley Touchscreen Smartwatch
  • Skagen Falster
  • TAG Heuer Connected Modular 41
  • Kate Spade New York Scallop Touchscreen Smartwatch
  • Fossil Q Control
  • Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7YOU
  • Hugo BOSS Touch
  • Guess Connect
  • Gc Connect
  • Misfit Vapor
  • Movado Connect
  • Michael Kors Access Sofie
  • Michael Kors Access Grayson
  • Diesel On
  • Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon
  • Montblanc Summit
  • Casio PRO TREK Smart WSD-F20
  • LG Watch Sport
  • Polar M600
  • The Mission, Nixon

Google Fit: Fitness Trackers

  • Huawei Band 2 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 2
  • Misfit Ray
  • Polar A370
  • Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor

Google Fit: Scales

  • Polar Balance
  • Nokia Body Cardio Scale
  • Eufy BodySense Smart Scale
  • Weight Gurus Smart Scale

Apple HealthKit: Smartwatches

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Amazfit Bip
  • Wahoo Tickr X Heart Rate Monitor
  • Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Apple HealthKit: Fitness Trackers

  • Fitbit
  • Garmin Connect
  • Apple iPhone
  • Withings Activité
  • Fitbit Charge 2
  • Fitbit Alta HR
  • Huawei TalkBand B2
  • Misfit Flash Activity Tracker
  • Misfit Shine 2
  • Misfit Ray
  • Jawbone Up Move
  • Jawbone UP3
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse

Apple HealthKit: Scales

  • Beets BLU Digital bathroom scale
  • Yunmai Premium Smart Scale
  • Easy Home Deluxe Bluetooth Digital Weight and BMI Smart Scale
  • Withings Body + Composition Wifi scale
  • Withings Body Cardio Composition Wifi scale
  • Qardio
  • iHealth
  • Eufy
  • Nokia Body Wifi scale

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