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Remote Patient Monitoring and Virtual Health Solutions

Remote healthcare isn’t the future. It’s upon us. At CoachCare, we take our remote patient monitoring and virtual health software beyond the technology to provide a complete support service. From automated outcome alerts to simplified claims documentation and maximized reimbursement, CoachCare’s comprehensive technology is designed to improve your patient outcomes and increase your revenue.

Our team will help you integrate our virtual health monitoring system with your existing workflows, ensuring you are up and running in as little as two weeks.

When You Partner with CoachCare

Working with CoachCare as your remote patient monitoring company is the solution to improving patient care, and significantly increasing your revenue in the process. Each feature of our technology and services provides its own unique benefit to both you and your patients.

Virtual Health Suite

Access patient-friendly secure video visits, at-home vitals capture, digital patient forms and information sharing to increase your virtual visit attendance rates, care quality, and your patient outcomes.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Combine Virtual Health features with Remote Patient Monitoring tools to improve patient outcomes, maximum claims reimbursement, and increase revenue.

Connected Devices

Our connected devices provide real-time data to providers, while improving personalization and driving higher patient engagement and retention.

Support & Training

Rapid implementation, live clinic and billing staff training, and ongoing technical support to ensure a seamless launch with ongoing support from your dedicated Implementation Coordinator

We quickly and efficiently complete a custom implementation unique to your practice size and workflow.

Patients and Practices Thrive with Virtual Healthcare

With our remote patient monitoring system, your patients remain motivated and engaged with new health habits under the guidance of their physician, significantly improving their health and wellness.

Your practice can access a variety of crucial health information and management tools, and care for your patients no matter where they are located. Administrative tasks run efficiently with automated scheduling, reporting, and HIPAA-compliant messaging, and with access to our certified trainers, you can rest assured that your reimbursement claims are approved, significantly increasing your revenue.

10 Years Mature, Proven
35+ Years Billing
76.3% Patients Experienced
Reduction in Blood Pressure
150,000+ Patients Using the
CoachCare Solution

RPM Means More Revenue For Your Practice

Learn how CoachCare is customized to your practice’s protocols and systems, and how you could potentially earn $250,000 annually in remote patient monitoring reimbursements. Our free Remote Patient Monitoring Startup Guide will provide answers to your questions about implementation and how to maximize patient outcomes and reimbursement claims.

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