An astounding 66% of all Americans are medically obese or struggling with weight management. Even though around 45 million Americans subscribe to weight-crash diets and spend billions on chemical-laced weight loss healthcare technology each year, we’re not really making any significant improvements. Since February is American Heart Month, it’s a good time to discuss how proper nutrition can improve overall health, encourage weight management, and help to prevent heart disease.

Infographic for A Vision of Good Nutrition for Weight Management and Cardiac Health

Proper Nutritional Components are Essential to Good Health

Fad diets and products are never a permanent solution for weight management and they end up causing greater complications in the long run due to their toxic nature. What we need to understand is how a vision of good nutrition can help our weight management and heart issues and how easy it is to track your nutrition in a digital app.

Keeping in mind our age, gender, physical build and metabolism, we need to develop a proper nutritional vision and diet which will be able to compliment our weight management requirements.

When struggling with weight management, we need to ask ourselves several questions - for instance, whether we need to gain, lose or maintain weight; whether we have certain allergies that negates any particular type of food items; whether the calorific need of our body is being met or not. Each of these things can affect weight management in a negative way.

Proper nutritional components are essential to fighting obesity head on. The right food fortifies our body with the best supplements that are essential to fighting obesity and keeping the weight off.

Choose Wisely What You Eat

Making minor changes to an often hectic day can be beneficial for weight management. For instance, a quick lemon or ginger shot first thing in the morning improves overall digestive functions and also demonstrates a “thermogenic” effect which boosts metabolism, thereby helping the body burn more fat and calories. 

Another easy trick to incorporate into your day - meals should be frequent but not heavy. Instead of gorging on one heavy lunch or dinner, include snacks of fresh fruits such as apples, lemons, berries and bananas in between smaller meals. Another option for a quick snack or meal during a busy day - green smoothies. Green smoothies are easy to prepare, and contain numerous essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, healthy carbohydrates, low fat and fiber. All good for your health and your heart! Last, watch the proteins you put into your body each day. Instead of devouring fatty pieces of bacon or a steak, opt for fish to be your main protein. The omega-3 fatty acids that fish provide are a huge nutritional bonus for your body and heart health.

Avoid Processed Food to Avoid an Unhealthy Body

You should avoid all processed and packaged foods that carry excess sugar, saturated fats or salt. Processed foods are high in sugar or high fructose corn syrup which adds “Empty Calories” resulting in abrupt weight gain. They are artificially engineered to be “Highly-Rewarding” in terms of taste and ease of consumption, triggering a “High Reward Response” in the brain and causing us to overeat. 

Fermented Veggies For a Healthy Gut and Weight-Loss

Fermented veggies are rich in good bacteria that aids us in maintaining a microbiome balance in our gut. This helps in digestion which in turn helps with weight management. Tomatoes, for example, are rich in a prebiotic known as arabinogalactans which is beneficial for good gut bacteria and thereby helps us to strike a microbial balance.

These are the very basic guidelines that a nutritional vision will incorporate to help to facilitate healthy weight management and a strong heart.

Start Now For A Better Future

Most of the health-related problems we see today take a long time to develop inside our bodies. By taking corrective measures now and tracking your nutrition in a digital app, we can drastically improve our future well-being and health. A steady diet full of good nutrients combined with a moderate exercise routine can bring years of good health for both your body and your heart. 

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