Remote Patient Monitoring

CoachCare provides all the features you need to implement Remote Patient Monitoring, which allows you to remotely monitor your patients and maximize insurance reimbursements

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

Your patients and coaches can communicate at anytime via secure text message that keeps patient information safe and compliant.

Video Conferencing

A solution upgrade that enables clinics to offer live consults and support groups, as well as face-to-face meetings between coaches, admins and patients.

Digital Library

Upload, manage and share program-specific content and patient forms within the clinic dashboard. Your patients can submit all forms and view all content anytime from their mobile apps

Automated Alerting

Your coaches receive real-time, actionable alerts when patients need intervention based on CoachCare data analytics.

Progress Tracking

Your patients and coaches can track real-time progress on a variety of metrics through our easy to read charts.


Your managers and coaches receive customized data reporting to fit your business and clinical needs. Includes automated reporting of Diabetes Prevention Program data for the CDC, Medicare and other organizations!


CoachCare utilizes your clinic's data as well as our experience across tens of thousands of patients to provide actionable insights to your managers and coaches.

Full-Featured Meal Logging

Your patients can easily log meals using our comprehensive meal database and barcode scanner. Have your own meal catalog? We will integrate your customized meal list for free!

Exercise Logging

Your patients and coaches can track real-time progress on a variety of metrics through our easy to read charts.

Pain Tracking

Track pain in real-time using a 3D body model right in the mobile app, and view patient history of pain through tracked data points.

Integrated Connected Devices

CoachCare’s own wireless scale and activity tracker generate new revenue streams and put valuable real-time data at your staff's fingertips 24/7. CoachCare also integrates with many third-party devices including Apple Health Kit, and Levl.

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