CoachCare provides a comprehensive suite of Remote Patient Monitoring features to ensure you deliver the best care to your patients and achieve maximum reimbursement. Our Remote Patient Monitoring platform includes:

Award Winning Software

Award winning software

Engaging and easy to use remote patient monitoring mobile app and web dashboard.

  • Patient mobile app includes health metrics tracking, telehealth, meal journal and sharing of important treatment information.
  • Provider dashboard displays a complete view of your patients’ progress and alerts you to issues in real time.
  • Connect with patients utilizing video, audio and text messaging tools.
Clinical Grade Monitoring Devices

Clinical grade monitoring devices

Proprietary medical grade connected devices.

  • Scale, blood pressure cuff, glucometer and pulse oximeter - manufactured for medical use, designed for consumer satisfaction.
Automated Reminders

Automated Reminders

Reminders sent to patients to ensure data capture and claims compliance.

  • Daily Emails and Push Notifications.
  • Reminds patients to transmit data to you.
  • These alerts are required for submission and processing of your claims.
  • We track alerts to ensure you have supporting documentation if needed.
Claims Documentation

Claims Documentation

Fast, easy documentation to make claims filing simple.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Billing Report is accessible in the Dashboard.
  • Simplifies claims processing to save you time and maximize reimbursements.
  • Includes all the information you need in one place to submit claims in bulk for all patients.
  • Automatically populates time spent on each patient and which codes are billable each month for each patient.
  • Additional patient level report for each patient if supporting documentation is needed.
Automated Time Tracking

Automated Time Tracking

Keep track of the time you spend monitoring each patient.

  • Automated time tracker keeps a running total of the time spent monitoring each patient.
  • Data review and communications are tracked so you know if you've spent enough time in total.
  • Ensures accuracy of your claim submissions.
  • Provides a digital record that you have completed patient encounters.
Expert Claims Support

Expert Claims Support

Live certified billing trainers available to maximize reimbursements.

  • Initial training of both clinical and billing staff.
  • Example documentation templates and best practice checklists to make claims simple.
  • Review of denied claims to maximize reimbursements.
  • Pre-verification with your top payers.
  • On-demand support for any billing questions.
Audit Log

Audit Log

All the information you need if an audit is necessary.

  • Complete audit log of key interactions and data.
  • Ensures you have everything you need in the event of an audit.
  • Don't find out that some other RPM provider doesn't have this information during an audit!
Compliance Checklist

Compliance Checklist

Simple way to ensure your claims are correctly documented.

  • Checklist that is completed for each patient during RPM enrollment.
  • Ensure you meet all requirements for billing.
  • Maximizes your remote patient monitoring reimbursements.
  • Save time by centralizing all actions in one place.

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