From improved quality of care to $250,000 of new revenue for a typical practice, Remote Patient Monitoring delivers many benefits for your organization and your patients.

RPM Benefits for Clinics

Benefits For Clinics

  • Improved quality of care for patients
  • Better engagement with patients between visits
  • Flexible, efficient service that can be delivered by clinical staff, not just physicians
  • Monitoring can be done between visits, which makes workflow easy to implement and increases billable time
  • Exceptional patient results:
    86% improvement in medical outcomes for monitored vs. unmonitored patients, based on an internal analysis of 1,078 total patients using the CoachCare technology platform.

Benefits For Patients

  • Improved medical outcomes as compared to unmonitored patients
  • Faster and more personalized access to healthcare services
  • Access to more detailed information about their health
  • Introduces two-way accountability between patient and provider
  • Daily assurance, motivation, support & feedback, along with real-time education to help the patient be more successful
RPM Benefits for Patients

Want to learn more about how your practice can benefit from remote patient monitoring services? Check out each RPM feature you’ll have access to with CoachCare’s suite.

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