10 Reasons to Use CoachCare Versus Other Remote Monitoring Companies

CoachCare is not new to remote patient monitoring and virtual health. We have monitored patients remotely since before RPM reimbursements were even approved. We have been around longer, have worked with more clients, and have a higher claims success rate than anyone else in the market.

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Proven in market

10 year remote monitoring track record, well before there were RPM insurance reimbursements

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Healthcare provider background

We used to be chronic care providers, so we know what it's like to treat patients

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Large and growing client base

3,000+ organizations from independent practices to large health systems

Large and growing patient base


High RPM claims success rate


Average BP Reduction


High patient satisfaction


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Thought leader

Leading advocate with CMS, AMA and top commercial payors (we’ve even successfully lobbied for RPM coverage)

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Expert support

1-on-1 access to experts to ensure you have a successful remote monitoring program

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Stable partner

Innovative, profitable company with millions in venture capital funding by top healthcare VC firms

See what our clients are saying about us

“We have been very pleased working with CoachCare to start our RPM program. We launched the program in one specialty, but given the benefits to ROI and patient outcomes, we hope to expand it to other specialties as well.”

Ryan V. Physician Assistant, Ashland Medical Center

“I turned off almost all of my marketing and other expenses, but we decided to keep CoachCare because it was too valuable right now.”

Dr. Jason O. Owner of Multi-Location Weight Loss Clinic

“In large part I am counting on CoachCare to help get us through COVID-19.”

David N. Owner of 2-Location Weight Loss Clinic

“As a large health system, we have a lot of stakeholders involved in launching a new program like RPM, but CoachCare’s expert team has been very helpful in making the process go smoothly. They are highly knowledgeable and on-call when needed, so we get the right mix of expertise and timely support. We could not have launched successfully without them.”

Brittney S. Physician Assistant, Grand View Health

“I have been looking for a way to keep in front of my clients on a daily basis and coach them through their favorite pastime, their phones! I love that my clients can easily log their food and exercise, weigh in regularly, I can see how they are sleeping, their daily steps, and more. Thanks for onboarding us so quickly and answering all of our questions”

Sarah T. Health Coach at a Nutrition/ Wellness Clinic

“I really like the accountability of this app. It keeps me on target each day.”

“The app is awesome. Very easy to use. Connects well with the virtual scale.”

Marcie A. Bariatric Patient Feedback

“CoachCare has been a fantastic partner in helping us grow our RPM program. We are seeing increased revenue and patients enjoy the app and devices. Our practice is growing quickly and CoachCare is an important part of that growth.”

Dr. Peter B. Transform Weight Loss

“Having the platform to provide moral support and accountability and having patients know that I am watching them is a game changer.”

Dr. Betty K. Owner of Medical Weight Loss Clinic

"The app is helping us manage the COVID-19 crisis"

Riely H. Owner of an Integrative / Functional Medicine Clinic

“Working with CoachCare for our RPM program has been a great experience! They took the time to learn our unique workflows and developed a plan that was efficient for us. We couldn’t be happier with the detailed level of implementation and ongoing support for our providers, care teams, and patients. The process for billing and coding took something complicated and made it easy and streamlined.”

Dr. Gail Herzig Middlesex Weight Management

"We are so grateful for your premiere video conferencing capabilities. they have greatly enhanced our remote client visits."

Beth M. Health Coach at a Multi-Location Regional Clinic

“We utilized the app throughout the COVID crisis, and I cannot imagine coaching patients without it. The bluetooth scale capabilities enable me to monitor my patients daily, not just weekly. The app allows patients to submit their meals, ask questions, and more - all in a HIPAA compliant platform. The CoachCare support team is also amazing. The bluetooth scale capabilities enable me to monitor my patients daily, not just weekly. The app allows patients to submit their meals, ask questions, and more - all in a HIPAA compliant platform. The CoachCare support team is also amazing.”

“We have gotten phenomenally good feedback from all the individuals who use CoachCare. The platform is providing daily accountability and allows us to see what clients do every day, how they’re doing, or if they get into a situation with a stall.”

Toni S. Health Coach at a Multi-Location National Clinic

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