The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is responsible for maintaining a system of codes, known as CPT codes, which healthcare providers use to bill and receive reimbursement for services provided to patients. Each year, CMS releases updates to the CPT code registry, which may include changes to remote therapeutic monitoring CPT codes. Below, we explore key highlights from the 2024 revisions to CPT codes that could affect remote therapeutic monitoring.

2024 Updates to Remote Therapeutic Monitoring CPT Codes

What is Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)?

Remote therapeutic monitoring, also known simply as “RTM,” involves collecting and monitoring non-physiological data from patients. An approved RTM medical device collects the data and sends it to a clinician for review.

RTM is distinct from remote patient monitoring (RPM), another digital health practice that relies on technology to collect important information. RPM collects physiological data such as health vitals or blood oxygen levels. Meanwhile, RTM measures data related to:

  • Musculoskeletal status
  • Respiratory status
  • Therapy adherence
  • Therapy response

Also, unlike RPM devices, RTM devices, and practices sometimes allow patients to self-report data.

Their fundamental differences mean that RTM and RPM are also billed differently. RTM codes are considered general medicine codes, allowing professionals like physical or occupational therapists to bill for them, while RPM uses evaluation and management (E/M) codes.

Updates to RTM CPT Codes for 2024

Toward the end of 2023, CMS released its 2024 Final Rule, which introduced some changes affecting RTM CPT codes and reimbursement. While there are no new RTM CPT codes in 2024, there are a few tweaks to CMS’ policies worth noting:

  • Starting in 2024, RPM and RTM cannot be billed at the same time. RPM or RTM can be billed by only one practitioner (in a 30-day period) and only one time per patient.
  • Historically, CMS has required physical and occupational therapists in private practices (PTPPs and OTPPs) to supervise their therapy assistants while providing care directly. However, as of 2024, CMS is allowing for general supervision of therapy assistants for RTM services. That means that therapy assistants can use and manage RTM services with less oversight from supervisors, which frees up time and effort for all involved.

Essential RTM CPT Codes to Know

While there may not be any new remote therapeutic monitoring CPT codes to note, the options from 2022 and 2023 will remain available throughout 2024. Below are the key RTM CPT codes and their respective purposes.

RTM CPT Code Description
98975 Initial set-up of RTM equipment and patient education on its use
98976 The cost of supplying the RTM device and managing monthly data transmission for monitoring the respiratory system
98977 The cost of supplying the RTM device and managing monthly data transmission for monitoring the musculoskeletal system
98978 The cost of supplying RTM devices and managing monthly data transmission for cognitive behavioral therapy
98980 The first 20 minutes of time spent in a calendar month interacting or communicating with the patient or providing RTM services
98981 Each additional 20 minutes spent communicating with or providing patients with RTM services. List this code separately in addition to the code for the initial time block

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