With each new year comes annual Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code revisions, and 2024 is no exception. The American Medical Association (AMA) has released an update that introduces 230 new CPT codes, removes 49, and revises 70. That’s a lot to keep up with! Fortunately, many of the changes are small and easy to digest. More significant revisions, like the ones mentioned below, are sure to bring increased ease and confidence to patients and providers alike as we enter 2024.

Highlights of the 2024 CPT code revisions

Introducing Spanish Consumer-Friendly Descriptors

CPT codes utilize what are known as consumer-friendly descriptors to make medical paperwork accessible for patients. When patients review medical documents, insurance papers, patient portals, and other healthcare information, they need to understand what they’re reading. Consumer-friendly descriptors break down medical jargon into ‘everyday’ language that readers can easily interpret.As of 2024, the AMA will provide Spanish-language descriptors for over 11,000 medical procedures and services. This means that Latinx patients who do not speak English or speak English as a second language will be able to navigate their documents more confidently.

Evaluation and Management (E/M) CPT Codes

To make CPT code reporting more convenient and timely, the 2024 update has removed time ranges for office or other outpatient visits (specifically, visit codes 99202-99205 and 99212-99215). Now, providers only need to report whether a visit fits into a predetermined time block or not. Another change to E/M CPT codes includes new instructions for reporting hospital inpatient or observation services that extend over two calendar dates, utilizing codes 99234-99236.

Updates to Vaccine CPT Codes

One of the most significant changes in the 2024 CPT codes revolves around the consolidation of over 50 codes previously used to report COVID-19 immunizations.A new vaccine administration code (90480) has been approved for reporting the administration of any COVID-19 vaccine. This code replaces all older product-specific vaccine administration codes. Additionally, the CPT Editorial Panel has approved five new codes (91318-91322) specifically for identifying Moderna and Pfizer vaccines against COVID-19.

The updates extend beyond COVID-19 vaccinations. In response to new innovations in preventing respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), five new CPT codes (90380, 90381, 90683, 90679, and 90678) have been created to report RSV immunizations.All these changes aim to make it easier for providers to quickly and accurately report their services. For a comprehensive list of all new CPT codes, you can visit the complete 2024 CPT code changes published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) here.

How Will the 2024 CPT Code Revisions Affect RPM?

There are no new remote patient monitoring (RPM) CPT codes in the 2024 CPT code revisions, meaning the status quo from 2023 continues. RPM providers can continue to use the following CPT codes to report their services:

  • 99453
  • 99454
  • 99457
  • 99458
  • 99091

One thing that has changed in 2024 is the adjustment of Medicare non-facility reimbursement rates. Other than that, it’s business as usual for RPM providers. As research into RPM and similar healthcare solutions expands, we’ll likely see more changes to relevant CPT codes in the future. 2024 will be another important year for innovation and expansion for those who use and create RPM.

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