Remote Patient Monitoring

How Independent Physicians Across Many Specialties Add Over $20,000 of Monthly Revenue and Improve Patient Outcomes in 2 weeks without Adding Staff or Chasing New Patients.

Monitoring 100,000+ Patients For These Clinics and More...

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Who Is the CoachCare Platform For?

  • You are a physician that needs to add substantial revenue to your practice.
  • You are trying to build a best-in-class patient care program you can be proud of.
  • You think your patients deserve better care than just a 30-minute annual visit.
  • You are concerned with the continuing reductions in insurance pay-outs for your life-saving services.
  • You are frustrated by ancillary services and products that don’t bring in reliable revenue.

Who Is the CoachCare Platform Not For?

  • You don’t accept insurance in the US.
  • You don’t have a few hours to invest upfront.
  • You are not comfortable with new technologies.


Are you unsure if you qualify for Remote Patient Monitoring reimbursements? Take our quick quiz to find out, and to start getting reimbursed as soon as possible!

The Core Concept

There are game-changing ways to double your clinic’s revenue without adding a single new patient!

Physicians and their staff are constrained by time and resources so they must use those well. They are challenged to really move the needle on revenue growth because the traditional approach of adding new patients isn’t scalable.

We all know you can add revenue to your practice by attracting new patients. However, adding patients is expensive and puts pressure on an already overwhelmed staff. It’s not scalable because the maximum number of patients you can see is limited by the number of hours you work in a day. And, you have to add a lot of new patients to have any meaningful impact on your revenue.

For more than seven years, all CoachCare has done is help physicians generate more revenue with existing patients and existing staff. Fast.


Our BackGround & Experience


R. Wesley Haydon



Andrew Zengilowski


We founded CoachCare in 2013 following careers as private equity investors in New York. We saw the challenges faced by healthcare providers working to grow revenue and improve patient care in the face of increasing costs, and decided to start our own company.

We started our business as a virtual care solution for patients with chronic conditions and originally built our technology platform to serve the needs of our clinical staff. We knew this type of proactive monitoring was beneficial to patients, even though these services were not reimbursed at the time.

We take great pride in the positive impact we have had on the individuals we treated, however; we recognized at the time that we were not exceptional "clinical administrators." We also recognized our core competency was providing the technology to support other providers and their patients, so we transitioned to focus solely on the technology.

Since then, we have refined and proven our technology with thousands of independent clinics, physician groups, and health systems, and hundreds of thousands of providers and patients throughout the US and internationally. We also raised venture capital funding to further develop our technology from top healthcare-focused funds including Kli Capital and Stonehenge Growth Equity.

Today, we are driving consistently strong claims success rates and many of our clients are achieving substantial revenue and ROI using this combination of technology and expert support.

New Activities Drive Better Results

Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3


Are you unsure if you qualify for Remote Patient Monitoring reimbursements? Take our quick quiz to find out, and to start getting reimbursed as soon as possible!

Alternatives to Capturing This Revenue

Now, there are two ways to increase your revenue using RPM:

Spend millions of dollars and years developing a remote monitoring platform from scratch including software, mobile app and connected monitoring devices. This technology is complex and will require 6 to 8 specialized employees and significant attention from senior business and clinical staff.

Or, you can work with CoachCare and launch your fully customized remote monitoring solution within [2 weeks] and submit your first claims that same month.

The old way DO-IT-YOURSELF
The old way CoachCare
What you get Building everything from scratch Ready-to-lauch, fully-customized platform
What it costs MILLIONS OF DOLLARS Affordable monthly payments
How long it takes Year 2 weeks
Who you need 6-8 specialized employees,
plus attention from senior business and clinical staff
1 liaison

To reiterate, this is for independent physicians who need to add substantial revenue and improve patient care in their practices without adding staff or chasing new patients.

Benefits and Outcomes

Here’s what is going to happen when you work with us:

You can expect to add $20,000 or more of monthly revenue in 2 weeks. This will be high margin revenue due to the low or no costs to implement and deliver RPM.


You will be able to achieve the better patient outcomes that you’ve been seeking your entire career.


You can finally get rid of wasted marketing spend and processes designed to push patients through as fast as possible at the expense of quality care.


You can forget about overwhelmed staff and morale issues.


You will feel fulfilled because you will be doing good for your patients while doing well for your business.


How Does the Platform Work?

Before, when you wanted to add revenue to your practice, you would have to spend a significant amount of time and money upfront to market to new patients, and this did not always result in more revenue.

Now, you can use CoachCare’s award-winning RPM platform, including a custom branded patient mobile app and provider web dashboard paired with our proprietary connected scale, blood pressure cuff, glucometer and pulse oximeter, which work together to meet the requirements for RPM billing. This enables you to generate significant revenue without the big upfront investment in time and money.


You have never had the data to identify and intervene with patients between consultations, when vitals or other biometrics dictate they need help. You have had to wait until they come into the office for their next appointment, which may be months later. This frequently leads to a condition progressively worsening and, in the worst cases, emergency room visits.

Now, you can use our real-time health tracking and automated alerts to remotely monitor and proactively target patients for intervention without needing to add staff. These features make you immediately aware of problems and, using our additional telehealth suite of tools, allow you to address them before they become worse.

If you wanted to get paid for RPM on your own, you would have to rely solely on your staff to figure out how to deliver and bill these new services. They may not have experience with this new service, which could result in a slower ramp up, lower reimbursements and frustration for all.

Now, you can use our automated time tracking, detailed billing reports and on-call AHIMA and AAPC certified RPM billing experts to quickly train your staff, significantly increase the amount of money you collect, and minimize audit risk. Our RPM billing experts specialize in delivering and billing these specific services, and also have the experience and perspective of advocating for our clients across hundreds of payers, which further increases our success rate. Our RPM billing experts work directly with CMS and payers and have even convinced payers to start covering RPM for the first time!

Our detailed billing report ensures both that your clinical staff is delivering all of the services required to submit claims (so that you don’t miss out on revenue) and that the claims submission process is incredibly fast and completely accurate. These features and services combine to make sure you collect what you are owed.


Shari Kappell
CoachCare Billing Expert,
CPCO candidate
15 years billing and practice management experience
4 years RPM experience


Are you unsure if you qualify for Remote Patient Monitoring reimbursements? Take our quick quiz to find out, and to start getting reimbursed as soon as possible!

Our Offer

If you wanted to implement RPM on your own, you would need to spend more than $5 million upfront over 18 months to build all these components and at least $1 million per year to maintain them.

Our offering costs a small fraction of that. Here’s what you get:

Feature Benefit Value
Custom Branded App Patients report data in real time from home $2,000,000
Provider Dashboard review patient data and communicate with your patients $1,000,000
Connected Devices Scale, BP cuff, glucometer and pulse oximeter $1,000,000
Automated Alerts Get proactive alerts and efficiently respond with the right care $250,000
Telehealth Tools Communicate with patients through video and messaging $250,000
Tracking/Reporting Efficiently bill RPM and avoid manually tracking time $250,000
On-Demand Experts Maximize your patient participation and claims reimbursements $250,000
Total Value $5,000,000

Instead of paying $5 million upfront plus millions annually to maintain an RPM platform, you can license our proven technology for a small fraction of the cost.

We charge a small base license fee of $650 per month plus $30 for each patient you remotely monitor for RPM reimbursement and a one-time cost of $60 for each patient’s RPM device.


Don’t Wait. Our Resources Are Limited.

We take a hands-on approach with all our clients. We know how to successfully onboard patients and maximize your claims reimbursements. We will train your staff as much as needed and literally submit and reconcile claims with your biller.

This commitment requires significant time from our team. Therefore, we only accept the most qualified and committed new clients. In fact, we will ask you to sign a statement of commitment during implementation.

Because of this time we invest, we only engage in 5 implementations per month. It’s important to make a decision quickly so we are able to work with you. Remember, you are losing money every day you delay!

Special Waiver of RPM Fees and Reimbursement Guarantee

Now, in appreciation of your time for reading this information, we are going to make CoachCare even more valuable for you. From the day you complete a Q&A session with us we will waive our RPM fees for two months.

That could be worth well over $10,000, so let’s get started!

Of course, our RPM fees are contingent on your success and backed up with a guarantee: if you don’t receive any RPM reimbursement, you get your RPM fees back. We only get paid if you get paid.

So To Summarize This Offer.


You will receive the following: full featured remote monitoring platform, including a custom branded mobile app, provider dashboard and connected devices, our automated alerting, escalation, telehealth and time tracking tools, and on-demand expert support.

In addition to answering all of your RPM questions, we will waive our RPM fees for two months starting from the day you join us for a Q&A session. That could save you well over $10,000.

Given our commitment to each of our clients and the time we invest to maximize reimbursements, we only work on 5 implementations per month.

Of course, if you don’t receive any RPM reimbursement, our RPM fees are credited back to you. We only get paid if you get paid.

To get started, all you need to do is schedule a Q&A and tour of our technology. We’ll answer all your questions about RPM and together we’ll calculate how much you can make by implementing RPM.

Questions and Answers Regarding This Offer.

RPM is useful to monitor any condition outside the office, which ultimately prevents adverse outcomes. It can be used to support both acute and chronic conditions across specialties, but it is important to use connected devices that provide data relevant to those conditions (e.g., a BP cuff for hypertension).

CMS is highly supportive of RPM as it is proven to reduce overall healthcare costs. Most commercial payers have taken CMS’ lead by instituting RPM, and more add it each year. Reimbursement rates are strong and eligibility has actually expanded so a broader range of providers are now able to deliver the services.

Payers want providers to deliver these services because they are less costly than hospital admissions or other complications that can occur otherwise.

You don’t need more revenue? You are a lucky person!

The upfront costs are minimal and all the RPM fees are contingent on your success, meaning you have to generate revenue in order to pay any of those fees. We would be happy to provide a profitability calculator to whomever has budget authority or schedule a brief call to discuss the benefits with that person.

RPM is not an entirely novel medical procedure or a new drug and it does not require any new medical equipment or space within your facilities. In fact, you and your staff are likely providing some of these services already - without getting paid. Monitoring a patient while they follow your treatment plan to ensure they are improving is common sense for patients and providers so RPM is easy to explain. In addition, much of the effort is handled automatically by software. Implementation requires training your billing and clinical staff which requires only 2-4 hours of total time.

It takes very little time! The training only takes a few hours and the entire program can be run by your office manager or another staff lead. All you need to do each month is sign-off on the services before they are billed.

You have seen some of our testimonials and case studies so far, but I would be happy to provide a direct reference to prove our value and credibility to you.

We have an annual agreement for our base license, but for many clients this cost is covered by one of our partner companies. Also, we believe it is important to have some small upfront investment to ensure you and your practice are serious about successfully implementing our solution.

The most expensive vendor is the one that doesn’t get you paid. They are far more costly in the long term.

Doing so necessarily impairs the quality of care because you are forced to spend less time with each patient to move on to the next. In addition, this leads to long, stressful days and overworked, dissatisfied staff.

Yes. Your current staff can use underutilized time to deliver these services. In addition, since you are not overwhelming your organization, your existing staff will have the capacity to focus on patient care including RPM.

Yes, we have providers who can deliver RPM based on your referrals.

RPM is specific to US insurers and will not work outside the US, but we do offer a virtual health product that enables you to utilize our solution for other purposes. You can find more information here.

Medicare covers these services nationally and we have directly pre-verified coverage by over 100 commercial payers in over 30 states, so it is unlikely that your payers do not cover RPM at all. However, if we find that they do not cover, then we will actually advocate directly with the medical director at that payer to implement an RPM policy. We have had success with this approach before.

Yes. Medicare covers these services nationally, and we have directly pre-verified coverage by over 100 commercial payers in over 30 states.

Medicare reimbursements are set by region and are adjusted for cost of living. Commercial payers typically follow those Medicare adjustments, but you can look up your actual RPM reimbursement rates by contacting your payers.

85% of American adults have a smartphone, including the majority of elderly people. However, if a patient doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet, they can also use the device of a caregiver or family member for RPM. We find this works in many cases.

We have all the necessary security and other information to fulfill the vendor vetting for your health system or physician group, as we have completed these processes many times. We can work directly with your IT or other teams to complete this process so it does not take your time. We do recommend having a senior champion who can help push this process through if there are ever bureaucratic delays.

Yes, they are clear if you know what you are doing and have the right sources of knowledge. That is the benefit of our RPM billing experts. We also have direct insight and clarity from contacts at CMS and commercial payers.

Some RPM vendors have no upfront costs, but we believe it is important to have some small upfront investment to ensure you and your department are serious about successfully implementing our solution. Within a couple months we are usually more profitable for you.

Yes, it works with both outsourced and in-house billers. Our RPM billing experts will guide them.

Yes, as long as multiple staff members can train at once. We have trained up to 30 staff at once.

We get where you’re coming from, but before you make that decision, remember how much revenue you can gain over that period of time by starting now. What else are you doing now that will add over $20,000 revenue per month?

We understand. What has worked well and what has not worked well with that company? In the case studies section above, you can find testimonials showing how much more revenue you can generate working with us.

Yes, as long as the client opportunity is large enough to justify the additional technology development work. Typically this is reserved for health systems and physician groups. There are also other ways we can share data with your EHR even without an integration.

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