24/7 Insights into Patients’ Health Journeys

The seca Spot-check Vital Signs Monitor (mVSA) 535 and medical Body Composition Analyzers (mBCA) combined with CoachCare’s virtual health and remote patient monitoring platform work together to give providers a clear view into patient health status- both in-office and from the comfort of home.


    seca mVSA 535 - with optional ultrasound height measurement

  • Conventional vitals data measurement of blood pressure, SpO2, pulse rate, and temperature combined with the rapid collection of body composition data (fat mass, muscle mass and body water)
  • Eliminate transcription errors and increase patient safety with direct transmission of measurements
  • Easy-to-understand graphical presentation of measurement values on a touchscreen display

    NEW! seca mBCA 554 - a spot-check Vital Signs Monitor that can be individually configured

  • Calculates a range of body composition parameters (i.e., fat mass, visceral fat, skeletal muscle mass, fluid distribution)
  • Cloud-based software taking the burden off of administrative IT issues
  • Optional ultrasound length measurement
  • Customizable templates for the most important fields of application
  • Large platform made of seca Bearclaw Glass® virtually break-resistant
  • Measurement and data transmission in only 24 seconds
  • 800 lb / 360 kg weighing capacity

    seca mBCA 514

  • Calculate a range of body composition parameters (i.e., fat mass, visceral fat, skeletal muscle mass, fluid distribution) providing further insight about your patients
  • Display patient measurements in a one page results summary
  • Track and trend progress and determine meaningful changes
  • Fully customizable text and facility branding available
  • 600 lb / 300 kg weight capacity
  • Custom-branded platform to deliver a clinic's unique protocol
  • Biometric data uploaded to an online physician dashboard and patient mobile app
  • Up-to-the-minute alerts on anything out of compliance
  • Full-featured telehealth tools Including video visits, messaging, digital content & health metrics tracking
  • Detailed reporting for management
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) features for maximum insurance reimbursements
  • Connected, RPM-approved devices including the BEAT Blood Pressure Cuff, SCAN Smart Glucometer, BALANCE Smart Scale & STRIVE Activity Tracker
  • Improve clinic ROI through in-office body composition analyses and out-of-office Remote Patient Monitoring.
  • Completely configurable for your clinic’s unique needs.
  • Quick, easy to use technology and devices for both medical staff and patients.
  • Patients and providers stay more connected and engaged between clinic visits.
  • Patients are more motivated to stay on track due to daily feedback.
  • Patient quality of care is enhanced through remote monitoring of daily and historical trends.
  • Patients achieve significant positive outcomes.
  • Clinics receive expert claims support to ensure maximum RPM reimbursements of $150+ per patient per month.

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