Coaching Agreement

Thank you for choosing us! We are committed to providing quality care and service to all our patients. The following is our coaching agreement and financial policy, which we require that you read and agree to prior to any service.

The time of the coaching visits will be determined by Coach and Client based on a mutually agreed upon time. The Coach will initiate all scheduled calls via our telehealth app or telephonically.

Initially, you will have a 15-minute intro to coaching visit, followed by a 30-minute initial assessment visit and re-occurring weekly visits. If you need to reschedule any session, please let your coach know 24 hours in advance. It is asked for a commitment of at least three months. After that time, you and your coach will reevaluate your progress and, most likely, transition to bi-weekly for the following three months.


After your initial session, you are asked to come to the coaching sessions prepared with an idea of what you’d like to achieve in each session as well as successes and challenges in the week leading up to your visit. It is also required you update your lifestyle data to review with your coach, and review any materials assigned at the previous visit.


Coach’s Expectations:

Patient’s Expectations:

By signing this agreement form, you are agreeing to abide by the expectations.


Because of the time, scope and nature of the work, the initial contract is for three (3) months of coaching. Thereafter, coaching is done on a month-to-month basis. If possible, it is asked that you let your coach know at least two weeks in advance if you would like to terminate your work together. You have the right to terminate or discontinue the coaching relationship at any time. After 3 consecutive No-Shows, we will consider our professional coaching relationship terminated.


It is recognized that during the program, you may give your coach the following: future plans, health information, financial information, job information, goals, personal information, and other proprietary information. The coach will not at any time, either directly or indirectly, use any information for their own personal benefit, disclose, or communicate in any manner any information to any third party. The coach will not divulge that you are in a coaching relationship without your permission. The coach will hold everything that you say and do confidential unless you present a physical danger to yourself or others. In this case, the coach will inform legal authorities so that protective measures can be taken.

Nature of the relationship

You are aware that the coaching relationship is in no way to be construed as psychological counseling or psychotherapy. If you feel the need for professional counseling or therapy, it is your responsibility to seek a licensed professional. Coaching results are not guaranteed. You enter into coaching with the understanding that you are responsible for creating your own results.

You are solely responsible for creating and implementing your own physical, mental and emotional well-being, decisions, choices, actions and results arising out of or resulting from the coaching relationship and your coaching calls and interactions with the Coach. As such, you agree that neither your Coach nor InHealth is liable or responsible for any actions or inaction, or for any direct or indirect result of any services provided by the Coach. You understand that coaching is not therapy and does not substitute for therapy if needed, and does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a part of our coaching program and allows coaches to assess important biometric data about you, including steps, weight, blood pressure, or heart rate, to provide additional tailored guidance based on that data.

You understand that:

Client Waiver

Simply stated, you understand that you are working with a Health Coach. The coach cannot be held liable for suggestions made within the visits, via the app and resources or education that are provided during your work together.

You have read and agree to the parameters of the coaching program which have been outlined on the previous pages.