Financial Responsibility

Charges for Health Coaching Services

We are excited to have you participate in our health coaching program. Our health coaching and clinical staff are dedicated to your health and to providing care that exceeds your expectations. As stated above, should your insurance deny any of the preventative services provided by our staff, you will be responsible for payment.

Below is an example of charges you would be held responsible for should your insurance deny coverage.

Initial visit with Health Coach (1 visit) $65.00
Weekly health coaching visits (3 visits) $40.00 - $65.00
Total: $185.00 - $225.00

“No-Show” Policy

Definition of a “No-Show” Appointment

We define a “No-Show” appointment as any scheduled appointment in which the patient either:

Impact of a “No-Show” Appointment

“No-show” appointments have a significant negative impact on our business and the healthcare we provide to our patients. When a patient “no-shows” a scheduled appointment it:

To Avoid Getting a “No-Show” Charge

Consequences of “No-Show” Appointments

1st No-Show – Letter/Email sent to patient reminding them of the policy

2nd No-Show – Letter/Email sent and patient billed appropriately (see below)

You agree that it is your responsibility to notify the Coach of the need to cancel a visit 24 hours in advance of the scheduled call/visit. If you are 10 or more minutes late for a schedule visit, the visit will be cancelled and considered a no-show. Coach will attempt in good faith to reschedule missed visits.

Monthly Subscription Terms

Your subscription will be renewed automatically and billed to your credit card account at the beginning of each subscription period until you cancel the service. You may cancel at any time by following the procedure described in our Cancellation Policy below. The monthly subscription plans are renewed automatically on 30-day intervals.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation to subscription requests must be submitted by email to at least 3 business days before the renewal date. Cancellation notice sent to will terminate future use of the service and automatic renewals will end. There are no refunds.