The metabolism of the human body is one of the most misunderstood aspects of how we function and maintain our health. To many, the faster it functions, the healthier or skinnier you are. The reality is that this limited way of thinking has caused more damage to egos and long term health than most know.

Infographic for The Importance of Metabolic Testing for Weight Loss

The metabolism of the body is extremely complex because it is unique to each individual. How each metabolism functions can be uncovered via formulas and other methods, but nothing gives a more accurate understanding than getting professional metabolic testing done.

Calories play a huge role in understanding how our metabolism processes food and converts it into energy. Too many calories can lead to a higher BMI and weight gain, but only a few can hinder our energy levels, organ function, and impede long term weight loss as well.

Finding out your ideal metabolic rate will help in your weight loss or general health goals by helping you find out how many calories you need to consume to maintain your daily nutritional needs, without resulting in massive increases in your weight. The usual high quality tests include VO2 Testing Systems and the Metabolic Rate Analysis System, which allows users to get results by doing a 10-minute breath test. For instance, their MetaCheck is simple to use and helps with getting your metabolic rate measurement in a safe, painless, and effective manner.

What is Metabolic Testing? 

Whether losing weight or enhanced physical performance is your goal, one essential process to get the most complete picture of your health comes in the form of metabolic testing which helps improve patient care through technology. So, before we take a detailed look at what these test results means, you will need to understand what a metabolism is.

No two metabolisms are alike, since your genetic makeup and diet (what you eat and how often) play a role in how your habits are formed and in conjunction with those habits dictate your body’s expectations and usage of food. At its core, the chemical reactions that occur in order for your body to process food into fuel is your metabolism. 

During your teenage years, your body processed food quickly, which generally allowed you to eat as much as you’d like and not have to worry about the consequences. As you age, it’s only natural that your metabolism slows in speed. You’ll be more keen to pay attention to your health once you begin to notice the extra layer of fat piling on since your body doesn’t process fatty food like it used to in your 20s. 

This is when metabolism testing and weight loss plans enter the conversation. Understanding how your body processes food comes in handy when you are trying to maintain a certain figure or other health metrics. Regulating weight becomes an effortless task since you comprehend what your body can optimally digest in relation to your exercise capabilities. 

Metabolic testing relies on your oxygen levels while you rest or perform different activities to determine the rate of calories burned. This can pinpoint crucial information regarding lifestyle changes you need to make to adequately lose weight. You’ll be presented with three distinct types of metabolic tests when you ask your physician for one. 

What is Resting Metabolic Rate?

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) can be explained as the number of Calories a body would burn by doing nothing more than sitting all day. It is important to use a tool like KORR’s ReeVue RMR technology to determine how much your weight loss patients should eat and how much they should burn.

It’s important to apply Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) measurements to your Bariatric and weight loss programs. A patient’s RMR can drop after significant weight loss, and measuring RMR will ensure a safe transition to an individualized maintenance goal. KORR’s ReeVue Metabolic Rate Analysis System can be used to help manage expectations.

How can KORR help with Metabolic Testing? 

KORR is a company that has devoted decades of research to taking on the challenge of sustainable healthy fitness and personal wellbeing. Also, KORR is able to provide an accurate measurement of your resting metabolic rate (RMR), which is viewed as a main sign for weight-loss treatment. 

ReeVue by KORR directly and easily provides metabolic testing for your clinic by measuring the concentration of oxygen released by your patients. It is user friendly and provides accurate results within 10-20 minutes. In addition, the process is clean, simple, and reimbursable.

KORR’s ReeVue technology is changing the way Nutritional Assessments are done. The potability of this Resting Metabolic Rate device allows dietitians to easily move from patient to patient, doing multiple tests each day, and without special training. The accuracy is the same as the expensive and bulky metabolic carts of the past.

How to Increase Metabolism

Having a high metabolism can aid with weight loss because it helps you burn calories quickly. A common belief is that if you reduce the number of calories you consume drastically, you’ll lose weight. Without having an adequate amount of food, your metabolism and energy levels will decrease. You’ll start losing weight, but there is a chance that it will come back when there is a normal amount of food consumed because your metabolism levels were low. 

A better option is to start with small meals planned throughout the day. This ensures that your body is fueled and your metabolism is converting that fuel into energy. 

Take a metabolic test to discover your BMR and make sure that you consume that amount of calories every day. That way, you can stay healthy while also having the nutrition needed to function and maintain a healthy body. Diets that have low-energy density but more nutrient diversity will be crucial to maintaining superb organ function and physical capability.

Advantages of Metabolic Testing

It is important to understand what your body needs and how it functions. Taking metabolic testing now and improving patient care through technology helps give you a guideline on how to utilize your body and prevent disease

In fact, having an unhealthy diet without balanced nutrition is the number one cause for cancer. It can be very dangerous to continue living a lifestyle of unhealthy eating habits once it has been discovered. For example, there is a substantial part of the adult population of the United States that are without iron or a number of crucial vitamins because it isn’t naturally included in their diet; therefore creating a tailored diet plan is crucial in filling out what is missing. Because of this, creating a tailored diet plan will help you stay organized on your daily consumption and help you lose weight over time. 

How Does Metabolic Testing Works?

Since human genetics are so diverse, ranging from organs to blood count to organ size. Metabolic testing is concerned with the gland system, burning capacity (burning of fat and calories). During a metabolic test, careful measurements are taken of calorie burning speed and how much oxygen is used during activities or at rest. 

Here are three tests that are used during metabolic testing:

  1. Resting metabolic rate (RMR) test: The RMR test determines how many calories your body burns while you’re at rest. 
  2. V02 Max Test: The test results will help you determine how your body burns fat and oxygen. And, it will help decide if your body is burning calories efficiently, which can help you make better dieting and health decisions to help with weight loss. 
  3. Lactate threshold test: The lactate threshold test helps in determining your oxygen levels for athletic performance. When taking the test, it will tell you the intensity level where your body reaches its limit and cannot supply oxygen for optimal performance. 

Things to Consider Before Taking the Test

Before taking a metabolic test, you need to follow the guidelines before, during, and after taking the test. Diet wise, you’ll need to avoid cigarettes, tea, sweets, alcohol, and caffeine. 

Another thing to consider is your state of mind. It’s proven that our body and health are influenced by the mind and psyche. That’s why if you are feeling sick before the test, don’t hesitate to reschedule it. While the actual metabolic test is just a 20-minute procedure, it’s important to dedicate another 2 hours as you’ll want to discuss your future health plans and diet in a relaxed atmosphere. 


Losing weight is a long journey which will require you to track important details each step of the way. Metabolic testing is but one of many tools at your disposal that will help you get the most accurate assessment of your overall health and foster a deeper understanding of your body.

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